Cheda Mikic – Craniosacral, Naturopath & Bodywork Therapist

Cheda Mikic - Craniosacral, Naturopath & Bodywork Therapist


About Me

My name is Cheda Mikic and I’m a naturopath, craniosacral therapist, T.R.E. trainer, and Fascia specialist.

I have been working in the field of complementary medicine for over 25 years. I use awareness, embodiment, and emotional intelligence to help clients live freely, consciously and authentically.

My experience tells me that the human system is a vastly complex continuum of ever-evolving movements. When facilitated skillfully and sensitively, it will express itself in wellness and coherence.

My Background

In my earlier days, I was an athlete. Since then I have studied bodywork, naturopathy, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, and T.R.E. (tension and trauma release exercises).

My ongoing studies in the understanding and integration of trauma, and in post-traumatic growth, have transformed my approach to wellness and life. T.R.E. has played a major role in this transformation.

I teach T.R.E. in the UK, Italy, and other countries.

What I Offer

My personalised treatments combine naturopathy and nutrition, bio-informational therapy, trauma work through specific body and emotional movements, relational touch, and other modalities, to support clients in aligning to their authentic expression.

My particular interest is in helping clients to integrate trauma and all of their life experiences in order to enhance their capacity to be with what is – right now – on all levels: physiologically, emotionally, psychologically, socially and spiritually.

Accepting, embracing and integrating all of our experiences, growing and evolving through them, encourages us to be who we really are.


– TRE (Tension, Stress and Trauma release exercises)
– Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy
– Naturopathic-Nutritional protocols
– Informo therapy


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