Leah Jung – Hypnotherapist

Leah Jung - Hypnotherapist


About Me

Everyone calls me Leah but my name is Theologia, I’m a fitness instructor working with Better Sports Centres, and I love gardening.

I’m also a experienced clinical hypnotherapy practitioner, providing help and the tools you need to reach your goals.

If you have anxiety and stress we all tend to deal with situations differently. I’m looking to help more patients to help with anxiety and stress we all have in every day life.

As many can’t always deal with stresses as our flight, fight and freeze and fawn response goes in a danger response, so our has brain evolved to stay safe from danger and our brain can’t always tell the difference being in danger or stress.

I am accredited and qualified with the following bodies: DHP Acc.Hyp.Dip.Hyp.HWFP, PHPA, HS, GQHP, GHR, CNHC

– Member of Society’s are: Professional Hypnotherapy practitioners Association.
– The National Hypnotherapy Society.
– The Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council.
– The Hypnotherapy Directory.

I’m also working with Anxiety UK as one of their approved therapists. Anxiety UK is a registered charity, normally done by referral through GP. Once a member of Anxiety UK you will be under Anxiety UK patient care.

My approach

If you are struggling with fear or phobia and it’s stopping you from doing everyday activities then hypnosis can help. Many clients have more then one fear or phobia and I will treat each individual fear at a time.

You will notice a difference after only a few sessions, although everyone is different and some may need more.

I enjoy helping patients achieve what they want and I also help patients to build their confidence, helping reduce stress, build ego, and to motivate them to be that person they want to be.

I can help with:

– Anxiety, social anxiety, generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), phobia anxiety, fear anxiety
– Fears
– Phobia
– Sleep
– Nail biting
– Bed wetting
– Weight Loss or gastric band
– Eating healthy and exercise
– Pain, to just help elevate pain
– Confidence
– Motivation
– Self esteem
– Building ego
– Self respect
– Positivity and assertiveness
– Grieving

And many more symptoms you may experiencing.

Reach out today if you need help.

I also offer hypnotherapy sessions for children age 5-18. Children have many worries, school, bullying, stress with exams, lack confidence low self esteem, bed wetting, blushing and other worries.


I work from Space to be You Therapy Rooms in Hackney E8 4SA

Session Plan Process

– Free phone call 15 mins
– Consultation filled and agreed pay in advance
– Consent form filled before arrival sent via email
– Appointment booked
– 1st session talk about the consultation form fill to get a good insight of your symptoms. I will do a progressive muscle relaxation with confidence building.
– 2nd session I will be helping you with the symptoms you want to work on. So sessions 3, 4, 5 & 6 be working on what needs to be achieved and relieve you from subconscious mind.

Depending on your symptoms you may need up to six sessions, many will respond within two or three sessions.

Appointments & Fees

Sessions – face to face: £85 per session.

Sessions – online Zoom: £65 per session.

Home visit: from £85 to £95 per session: Leyton, Walthamstow, Woodford, Hackney, Islington, Chingford.


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