Michaella Sandor-Eroglu – Dance Movement Psychotherapist (DMP)

Michaella Sandor-Eroglu - Dance Movement Psychotherapist


About Me

My name is Michaella and I am a registered and practicing dance movement psychotherapist (ADMP UK) with a Masters in Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) from Goldsmith’s, University of London (2014), and a UKCP trainee member working towards accreditation (pending).

I have experience with a range of client groups such as:
– women with mental health conditions, dual-diagnosed alcohol abuse
– elderly in the third age with mental health conditions and dementia
– children with multiple and profound learning disabilities, ASD, ADHD and mainstream
– trauma, anxiety, depression, menopause

I accept clients of any background who feel they would benefit from the unique advantages of DMP.

I work holistically with psychodynamic, humanistic and integrative approaches through spoken words, movement and other creative explorations.

Everyone needs space to express themselves and their feelings in an accepting and non-judgmental environment. As a private practitioner I offer a safe and supportive space to explore creatively and work with the verbal and the non-verbal communication which is brought into the therapeutic process.

In my previous career as a dance artist and teacher with over 20 years’ experience, I have always been fascinated by the relationship between movement and the psyche. Movement is an instrument of communication; a language that reflects the emotional state.

Training as a dance therapist has equipped me with the necessary skills to witness and work with the relationship between movement, the psyche and the body.

Movement is in everything. Breathing, talking, walking, pausing, sitting, playing, creating and dancing are all on the wide spectrum of movement which we explore in DMP sessions.

People’s stories are what moves each of us on both the physical and emotional level. DMP offers a deep and meaningful process of reflection and insight through spoken words, movement and other creative explorations, together promoting self-development and self-awareness.

Is DMP right for you?

You don’t need to have previous experience in dance or even to want to dance. If you are open to explore your feelings through words and creative explorations then DMP can be a pathway for a therapeutic process to take place in your life’s journey. We can work on any specific issues you may have, reflecting and working through them in a safe and containing space. Many clients find that DMP helps them to unblock and even resolve issues when words are simply not enough or feels too much.

Getting Started

I work in person and online.

I offer weekly sessions at a regular date and time agreed between us together.

The length of one session is 50 minutes.

Appointments & Fees

I invite potential clients to book an initial consultation session with me where we will go through an assessment process and explore if we could work together.

Fees: £75 – £85

Initial 15 minutes phone consultation: free


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