Zofia Tyczynska – Cranio Sacral Therapist

Zofia Tyczynska - Craniosacral Therapist


About Me

Hi, my name is Zofia Tyczynska, RCSTA.

I’m a Cranio Sacral Therapist registered with the Craniosacral Therapy Association and a Tutor in the College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy in London, UK.

What is Cranio Sacral Therapy?

Cranio Sacral Therapy (or CST) is a hands-on therapy that uses light sustained touch and practitioners’ ability to perceive subtle expressions of health or disturbance of health.

By engaging with subtle rhythms and identifying places of tensions, restrictions, and disruptions, and holding the space for health and balance, the body taps into its natural healing resources. It can address the issues in a way that isn’t so readily accessible otherwise.

It allows for non-invasive, holistic, and sustainable healing and regulation of the nervous system.

With ongoing sessions, you build a trusting and a more effective relationship with your Cranio Sacral Therapist, and your nervous system can let go of chronic holding patterns and protective mechanisms.

It allows access to deeper layers and releases underlying patterns that shaped your personality, relationships, life, and health. With sustained changes on those levels, you can connect to more in-depth understanding, new resources, and resilience.

My Background

My career took a turn for the positive in 2011 when I moved from Poland to London, leaving behind a well-paid job searching for something more meaningful and fulfilling.

I started to work with vulnerable adults with physical limitations, assisting them in living independently within their community.

I’ve studied Reiki, Lomi Lomi massage, Theta Healing, Reconnective Healing, Thai Yoga Massage, and Vipassana meditation. I was building a comprehensive understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection and discovering my talents in healing arts.

When I was practicing Thai Yoga Massage in 2018, I often wanted to be still with clients and tune in more into subtle energy expressions rather than keep applying firm pressure and movement. Whenever I followed this feeling to hold someone and let their bodies respond, spontaneous releases were happening, especially on the emotional level.

Shortly after that, I received my first Cranio Sacral Therapy session to treat my lower back pain. I felt held by a therapist in a way that allowed my own body to take care of the healing. I’ve had a profound sense of connection to myself, my soul. I came home.

I could feel the layers of old emotions just being washed away by waves moving through me, and my back pain was easing off. I knew I was in the right place at the right time. I found what I was looking for and much more. I have started regular therapy and the study of CST.

It’s been a truly transformational journey since then.

It helped me to release layers of pain and trauma. I gained a new awareness and understanding of my emotions and body. My relationships with myself and my loved ones improved significantly. I trust life and follow my inner guidance.

I gained a Cranio Sacral Therapy qualification in 2020, and I was offered a Tutor position at the College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

I love what I do, and I’m whole-heartedly dedicated to assisting others on their journey to a healing, transformative, and more profound connection with themselves.


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