Faye Franklin – Integrative Child Adolescent Psychotherapist

Faye Franklin - Integrative Child Adolescent Psychotherapist


About Me

Hello, my name is Faye Franklin. I am an Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, and fully accredited member of The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

I have over 10 years experience of working in schools and in the community, with a range of issues including: trauma, bereavement and loss, depression, anxiety, anger, aggression, behavioural issues.

I have also worked with parents who were seeking support to increase their understanding and management of their child’s behaviour, or to explore how their own life experiences might be impacting their parenting.

My integrative training has equipped me with a broad knowledge of different approaches and ways of working, and this enables me to adapt to the needs of each individual child.

Before children can express and experience things that are difficult and painful, they need to feel safe and build trust. To facilitate this, I offer a consistent space and an inviting environment with opportunities for play and creativity.

I have a variety of therapeutic resources available, including sand tray, art, and games, which can be helpful to communicate thoughts and feelings when a child or young person feels unable to do so with words.

My aim is to understand a child’s perspective by following their lead. This helps to reduce any pressure or anxiety they may be experiencing so they can begin to relax and feel safe enough to engage freely in sessions, in order to address and reduce the impact of their difficulties, and develop their inner resources.

Getting Started

To book an initial appointment, please leave a message or send an email with a brief description of your situation. I will then contact you to arrange a time for a free 20 minute phone call to talk further and answer any questions you may have.
Following on from this, if you would like to proceed, we will arrange a 90 minute assessment session where we can talk in depth about your child’s development and current difficulties.

After this, if we agree to work together, I will see your child for 3 sessions followed by a parent review session, to ensure that this is the most appropriate support.


Thursdays and Saturdays


Initial phone call (20 min) – Free
Assessment session (90 min) – £130
Child psychotherapy session (50 min) – £85
Parent sessions (50 min) – £85


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