Richard Williams – Individual & Relationship Therapist

Richard Williams - Individual & Relationship Therapist


About me

I have experience working with a wide rage of issues including relationships, identity, sexuality, worries about the future and life’s direction, self-esteem, spirituality, religion, depression and anxiety amongst others.

I offer a space for you to be seen and heard and to focus on what matters to you. This can lead to healing and change.

Often what causes discomfort, pain or confusion in life is a collision between our habitual patterns of relating to the world and a deeper desire trying to find expression through us. These patterns are usually unconscious so we don’t even know they are going on in the background and it can seem as if we have little choice over whether or not to keep relying on them to guide our lives.

We usually want something different when we come to therapy and one way of discovering what that is, is by assuming we already know what we want but these patterns may be keeping us from seeing it. Together we might explore what these patterns are and how to let them go, so what you want is allowed to emerge; like the sun coming out from behind the clouds


I have a Diploma in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapeutic Counselling.

Appointment & Fees

I offer individual therapy in person and online.

I work weekday afternoons from 12 – 5.

I provide 50 minute sessions at the same time each week.

I charge £60 – £90 per session.

I also offer concessionary rates.


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