Guy Shennan – Counsellor & Therapist with Individuals & Families

Guy Shennan - Solution-Focused Counsellor and Therapist


About Me

My name is Guy Shennan and I am a therapist, counsellor and coach who works with individuals and families.

I specialise in solution-focused brief therapy, though integrate other approaches with this, and am one of the leading practitioners and trainers in this approach internationally.

My work takes me around the world, though my face-to-face therapy takes place in East London, at Space To Be You in Hackney.

I have been working with children, young people, adults, families and groups for almost 40 years, in the fields of health, social care and therapy.

My Approach

My approach rests on a fundamental belief in people and their capacities and potential, to make desired changes and to live in ways that are right and fulfilling for them. Finding the solution-focused approach was like coming home, as it provided me with a way of working that fitted this fundamental way of seeing people.

The seeds of my interest were sown in the mid-1980s, when I came across the then new solution-focused approach while working with troubled young people in an NHS setting, and then bloomed after I began to immerse myself in learning and using solution-focused therapy from the mid-1990s onwards.

I am accredited by the UK Association of Solution Focused Practice, of which I am a founder member, and have a masters degree in solution-focused brief therapy. I am also a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Other advanced training I have undertaken has been in family therapy and systemic practice, and narrative therapy, which has equipped me with skills and approaches that are useful complements to solution-focused therapy.

My original professional training was in social work, and I have maintained my registration with the statutory regulatory body for social workers, Social Work England.

Getting Started

Whatever problems you have been experiencing, whatever your reasons for seeking therapy now, there is an excellent chance that you will find solution-focused therapy useful.

You can contact me by email or phone, and I can answer any questions you have about how I work. You can also read about the solution-focused approach on my website:

If you want to go ahead, we will simply book an appointment and get started. An important focus in the first meeting would be on your hopes from the therapy, which would then guide all that we did from that point.

This focus on hopes rather than problems distinguishes solution-focused therapy from many other approaches, and it forms the basis for forward-looking, future-focused and strengths-based conversations.

The number of these conversations, and their frequency, vary from person to person, and would depend on what felt useful to you. It is typically not a long-term therapy, with 3-5 sessions being common, and some people find just one session sufficient to get themselves unstuck. Others wish to continue for longer, which is also fine.

When asked to define the “brief” in “brief therapy”, Steve de Shazer, one of the main developers of the solution-focused approach, said “As many sessions as necessary, and not one more!”

I also offer sessions online and via telephone.

Appointments & Fees

My standard fee for a 50 minute session (in person, online or telephone) is £65

Lower-cost sessions are available for people on a lower income – please contact me for further information.


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