Ilham Musa – Raynor Massage Therapist

Ilham Musa - Raynor Massage Therapist


About Me

I’m Ilham and I am a fully qualified and registered Raynor Massage Therapist.

Raynor Massage will relax you physically and allow you to release emotional tension. After much research, I chose Raynor massage for precisely this reason; I wanted to find a way to help people holistically, body and mind.

I have always been driven by a desire to help people and, even as a child, I used to massage anyone who would let me! For me, massage is as rewarding for the giver as it is for the receiver and I believe that there is a power and an energy that is unlocked / released through touch. Through my work in childcare I feel I have developed my empathetic skills, and a heightened awareness of the way our bodies are changed by emotional or physical stress. Children learn to sit, crawl, walk without adding any strain to their bodies, but as adults we often loose that ability to release and relax our muscles. I believe massage is a way to bring us back to our natural state of relaxation, both physically and emotionally.


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