Joe Wild – Gestalt Therapist

Joe Wild - Gestalt Therapist


About Me

I am Joe (he/they). I offer an open and inclusive therapeutic practice working in person and online. My approach acknowledges that most of us have been raised within a system that drives us towards individualism. We have been made to feel that functioning as an adult is dependent on our ability to manage the pressures and difficulties of life by ourselves. As social creatures, trying to navigate big changes, significant losses and painful events alone is often excruciatingly isolating, and leaves us over burdened, anxious and low.

In being your therapist I am deeply invested in a dialogue that supports, challenges and nourishes you through the parts of your life that are causing you distress. Whether that be crisis level events, deep emotional wounds from the past, or simply a low lying sense that things are just not right, therapy can pave the way to a more connected, hopeful and growthful sense of yourself in your world.

My Background

I am a third generation therapist – both my mother and grandmother are working psychotherapists. Attuned listening, and empathic relating were modelled to me from day one. My father being a performance artist and carpenter instilled a hands-on approach to life’s practical tasks, alongside a deep appreciation for the creative. My training, initially as a contemporary dancer and later as a movement specialist/teacher, has generated an expansive understanding of the human capacity for making meaning through connection with others, as well as a grounded sense of the body as the vehicle for our lived experience.

In my work as a movement teacher in drama schools and universities, the students I encountered often had a very self critical view of their bodies, and a muted capacity to connect through physical work. I mostly attributed their difficulty to engage to the distorted body expectations set and policed by social media and disembodying practice of screen based communication. I became substantially more invested in supporting them to engage with their self image as a prerequisite to helping them develop their artistic voice. That work focused on cultivating skills for deeper self compassion, growth and transformation, which remains core to my therapeutic work with clients.

As an artist my practice has served as a lens through which I examine the complexities of my own experience, while my work as a therapist allows me to guide others in their own personal excavations, broadening my clients language of self-expression and growth.

What I Offer

I am currently a senior trainee Gestalt psychotherapist, with 5 years of dedicated study in the therapeutic field. After extended research into numerous modalities Gestalt stood out as an approach that resonated deeply with my core beliefs, and it continues to challenge and inspire me in my work with clients. To me Gestalt practice means:

Relational therapy – I am not here to “analyse” or diagnose your experience. The time we spend together is an opportunity to bring greater awareness to the emotional, relational patterns you may feel stuck in and to practise doing things differently, together.

Working in the here and now – while the impact of early relationships, experience, trauma will often be fundamental to your outlook, I am interested in unearthing how they might be impacting you now, because it is now that you can do things differently and find the support you might be needing.

Allowing for integrated body processing – whilst technically a talking therapy, the gestalt therapy I practise centralises the somatic processes of my clients and honours the value of work that is beyond the confines of spoken language.

Embracing queerness – the heart of my practice is the understanding that we live within oppressive and flawed human systems that pressure us to conform in all sorts of damaging ways. I work with an intersectional feminist outlook that is socially and politically dedicated to challenging norms through collective celebration of otherness.

I have experience working with:

– Anxiety

– Bereavement

– Depression

– Disabilities

– Discrimination

– Gender dysphoria

– Kink and BDSM

– LGBTQ+ counselling

– Loneliness

– Low self-confidence

– Low self-esteem

– Navigating Non-Monogomy

– Relationship problems

– Sex problems

– Sex work support

– Stress

– Trauma

– Work-related stress

Getting Started

Please contact me via email at [email protected] to set up a free 15 minute consultation by phone or video call for us to meet and get a sense of each other, ask any questions you have and discuss how I can best support you.


My rates are £65 per 50 minute session, with a few concessionary slots available for those experiencing financial hardship.


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