Nick Corrigan – Counsellor and Therapist

Nick Corrigan - Counsellor and Therapist


About Me

I am here to provide a non-judgemental space for you to be heard and to help you understand yourself more deeply. I ask questions and offer interpretations and frameworks, as together we explore options and new perspectives. I bring focused attention and acceptance, structured support and therapeutic insight which allow you to identify your needs and find solutions to the challenges you are facing.

My therapy practice builds on my coaching, training and management career. I have over thirty years of professional experience working with individuals, groups and teams on behavioural, wellbeing and leadership interventions that have helped people realise their full potential and increase their sense of satisfaction.

Clients come to me when they feel hopeless, misunderstood and stuck; they may be looking for a way to feel more connection and joy; they often know that life could and should be better for them, that their mental health could be stronger, but they just cannot get there on their own.

I work well with clients who have experienced grief and loss and those who are trying to find their place in a new life stage, as well as individuals who are impacted by shame and those seeking healing from past trauma. I have significant experience working with LGBTQ+ clients.

My approach

The foundation of my approach is humanistic, integrated with different elements of evidence-based psychotherapeutic disciplines. A humanistic approach to therapy asserts that all humans are unique, with potential for continued growth in love, fulfilment, self-worth and autonomy. How we have experienced the world so far, our past relationships and our childhood, all shape how we interpret the world today.

I draw on other approaches that have been shown to help people break patterns and uncover perspectives that help us to drive change. I use techniques from different “schools” and models such as CBT, Gestalt and short-term psychodynamic therapy. I value the role that psychoeducation plays in therapy – openly sharing models and frameworks with clients rather than perpetuating a sense of mystery around the process.

Getting started

I propose an initial 15 min, no-cost phone / Zoom conversation to test the fit between us, and for us to decide if we want to work together.

In our first full session we will explore the key reasons you are seeking therapy at this point in your life. We will go on to set clear goals and time frames for our work together. Regular reviews will give you the opportunity to evaluate progress and for us to hone our approach so it has most meaning and impact for you.


Face to face: I work from Space to be You therapy rooms in Hackney E8 4SA

Virtual: For stability and confidentiality my preferred platform is Zoom

Walk and talk: Some clients find that walking therapy is a productive addition to Zoom or face to face work; moving together with a shared focus in front of us offers an alternative dynamic with a sense of purpose and direction. Being out in the green spaces of Victoria Park helps us feel more connected to the wider world around us.

Appointments & Fees

Therapy: £85 (per 50 minute session)

Therapy – walk & talk: £85 (per 50 minute session)


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