Simon Redstone – Physiotherapist

Simon Redstone - Physiotherapist


Living with pain? Help is at hand

Meet Simon, an experienced physiotherapist with two decades of expertise dedicated to helping you live a pain-free life. If you’re tired of persistent discomfort, he’s here to assist you.

Expertise That Counts

Simon’s venture into physiotherapy commenced in 2004, and his enthusiasm for aiding others has only intensified over the years. His extensive background empowers him with the know-how and expertise to tackle a diverse array of musculoskeletal conditions.

Comprehensive Care for Musculoskeletal Issues

Simon specializes in treating various musculoskeletal problems, encompassing neck pain, back discomfort, knee ailments, shoulder issues, ankle injuries, and wrist/forearm conditions. Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, his treatment approach is customised to suit your specific requirements.

Holistic Healing Approach

Experience a holistic physiotherapy approach at Simon’s clinic. By integrating hands-on treatments with personalized exercise regimens, he offers a comprehensive solution. This ensures not just relief from symptoms, but also tackles the underlying issue, leading to lasting comfort.

Beyond Physiotherapy

Simon goes the extra mile for your well-being. In addition to physiotherapy, he provides sports massage and personal training, addressing psychosocial factors that may be contributing to your pain. Whether you’re a professional athlete or just seeking a pain-free life, Simon has you covered.

Pilates for All

Simon’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle extends to Pilates classes suitable for all levels. From beginners establishing a strong foundation to advanced practitioners refining skills, Pilates improves strength, flexibility, and posture.

Dedication to Resolution

Simon focus is on complete issue resolution of your symptoms, not just symptom management. His patient-centered approach ensures personalised care aligned with individual circumstances and goals. At Physio and Pilates Central, your well-being is paramount. Experience the difference with a dedicated and experienced physiotherapist. Contact us today to begin your journey to a pain-free, active life.


Physiotherapy Appointment (in clinic) £65.00

Physiotherapy Appointment (remote – via Zoom) £52.00

Sports Massage – 30 minutes £50.00

Sports Massage – 60 minutes £90.00


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If you have any questions prior to booking, please contact me on 020 8247 3624 or [email protected]


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