Steven Ebbers – Somatic and Breathwork Therapist

Steven Ebbers - Somatic and Breathwork Therapist


About Me

Breathwork / Coaching / Somatic Practices / Therapy

I help people reconnect to themselves, to fully feel again.

This process can take many shapes and forms, together we’ll find a way, everything is welcome.

It might mean we need to work on feeling safe again in your body. Maybe you feel numb or constantly stressed and activated. This might present itself as a rushing mind, anxiety, or low confidence. It might mean we work we work with something that’s happening in the present or from the past.

In my work with people we don’t only talk, but we also include the breath and other somatic practices.

I believe including the body is vital in the process of growth or healing.

This means we might use certain breathing techniques to access and process stuck energy or that we include movement or bodywork.

We’ll always start a session with a check in, to make sure we are working on the things that are important to you.
Afterwards we’ll integrate the learning through a coaching process.

By working together I’ve seen people lower their levels of anxiety, feel lighter, and are better capable at dealing with whatever life throws at them.

But mainly it helps them feel more like themselves, and feel the freedom and confidence to be this person.

Qualifications and Training

Certified Breathwork Practitioner

ICF Accredited Solutions Focused Coach (ACC)

Clinical Psychology (MSc)

Contact & Fees

I work with a sliding scale:
£90 / £110 / £130

Sessions are 90 minutes.


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